Company Profile

Richard and Jody Stuart

Cougar Ridge


"Simply AMAZING!, In the past we have worked with a different design company and all they cared about was what they liked.  Karl was so professional and polite. He took the time to learn about us and our lifestyle and incorporate that into the design and build. Thank you Karl for listening to what our needs are.   

Mark Diaz


"It was was such a pleasure to work with such professionals that can joke around and still get things done.  The guys are always welcome into my home!"

Dorsia Designs Inc


Founded: 2014 


Areas of expertise:  Structural & Interior Designs, Commercial Contracting, Sourcing unique products internationally

Our new friends comments

Morgan and Stephanie Koss

Bears Paw


The staff at Dorsia are amazing, not only did they made our our house so elegant, but they came well within budget with Karl's "Lifestyle Allowance" system.  There was no surprises that we didn't plan for.


     DORSIA Designs is dedicated to creating structural and interior designs that            reflect our client's personality and lifestyle.

     Our mission is simple - Working with clients to create beautiful homes and              environments through LIFESTYLE, Inspiration and Design. 

                   Life is about living. The way you live is your Lifestyle. 
                                        That Lifestyle is you.